Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Every semester, HPRC offers short courses ranging in topics for beginning, intermediate, and advanced researchers. The semesters start with hour long Primer courses. These Primers cover material that is prerequisite to ALL other short courses. This, along with courses on the clusters and schedulers form the basis for using the respective clusters effectively. All courses will be delivered in an interactive style through a live login session. Attendants should bring their own laptops as workstations will not be available in the Blocker classroom. In general, slides and other supplemental materials are available on each course page.

Attendees need a valid HPRC account or ACCESS ID, as indicated for each short course, so that they can complete the exercises throughout the training. If you do not have an HPRC account, you can apply at If you do not have an ACCESS ID, you can apply at

Registration is required with a classroom seating limit of ~45.
Please bring your own device to follow along during In-Person classes.
The typical Short Course runs for 2.5 hours, unless otherwise noted.
Each Primer runs for 1 hour.

For our course offerings from previous semesters, please consult this page.

Short Course List for Fall 2023

ACES: NEC Vector Annealing

Instructor: Raghunandan Mathur

Time: Tuesday, November 28, 2023 — 10:00AM-12:30PM CT

Location: online using Zoom

Description: Introduction to quantum inspired techniques to solve NP Hard problems and combinatorial optimization using HPC hardware. A starter to NEC's Vector Annealing (VA) library on the ACES cluster with hands-on exercises on real world use cases.

Prerequisites: Current ACCESS ID, Basic Python skills, Basic understanding of Linear Algebra

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