Google Classroom


The Google classroom provides an interactive experience, consisting of small lectures and demos, followed by quizzes and exercises. The classrooms open up On Friday April 8 and participants have until the end of the semester to complete. Estimated time to complete the lectures, demos, and exercises is around 3 hours. Upon successful completion, participants will receive an electronic certificate of participation.

Registration is limited to TAMU faculty, staff, and students.

Once the Google classroom is opened, we will e-mail registrants a class code and instructions for joining the Google Classroom for this material.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of C/C++ or FORTRAN; Intro to Linux or Unix/Linux skills; HPRC account.

Course Materials


YouTube Playlist

Videos on HPRC YouTube channel


Introduction to Code Parallelization Using OpenMP
Invite Code: e2nxmj3
Friday, April 8

  • Basic Architectural overview
  • Shared memory parallelization concepts
  • Compiling and running OMP programs
  • Structure of OpenMP directives/pragmas
  • OpenMP Work sharing constructs
  • Synchronization directives/pragmas

Introduction to Code Parallelization Using MPI
Invite Code: yyt5ksx
Friday, April 8

  • Layout of an MPI program
  • Compilation and running of MPI programs
  • Message passing concepts
  • Point-to-point communication
  • Collective communications
  • Blocking and non-blocking communication