Principal Investigators

Principal Investigator Department Research Interests
Abuodeh, Akram Y Texas Transportation Institute Performance of structures with focus on roadside safety and vehicular systems
Akkutlu, Ibrahim Y Petroleum Engineering Phase behavior of multi-component fluids in nanoporous materials, Shale gas and oil resource assessment and characterization, CO2-enhanced shale gas and oil recovery, Transport and reactions in porous media
Arroyave, Raymundo Materials Science and Engineering Materials for nuclear fuels and system design; Multifunctional materials for energy applications; Thermoelectrics-based technologies and materials; Technologies for energy storage: Hydrogen
Balbuena, Perla B Chemical Engineering Characterization of Materials for Catalysis in Current Power Sources (eg. fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries)
Bishop, Michael Geoscience GIScience, remote sensing, geomorphometry, numerical modeling, cryosphere, mountain geomorphology
Cagin, Tahir Materials Science and Engineering Designing Computationally Engineered Functional Materials
Chang, Ping Oceanography Development of Global and Regional Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Models for the Study of Climate Variability and Predictability
Chen, Hamn C Civil Engineering Development and Applications of Chimera Finite-Analytic Navier-Stokes (FANS) and CHimera finite-Analytic Method for Potential-flow Solver (CHAMPS) for Time-Domain Simulation of Three-Dimensional Flow Around Complex Configurations
Childs, Dara W Mechanical Engineering Turbomachinery for energy use and its reliability
Chiu, Weihsueh Veterinary Integrative Biosciences Development of quantitative, data-driven approaches for understanding and predicting the human health effects of environmental chemicals
Cizmas, Paul G Aerospace Engineering 1) Understand Fundamental Physical, Multi-Disciplinary Interactions Governing Aircraft Aeroelastic Applications; 2) Develop High-Fidelity Computational Methodologies for the Unique Physics; 3) Explore Vehicle Concepts to Achieve Key Performance Requirements
Diego, Donzis Aerospace Engineering High-performance computing at extreme scales, and the physics of turbulence and turbulent mixing in incompressible and compressible flows
Finkelstein, Alexander Physics Disordered Conductors, Metal-Insulator Transition; Low-Dimensional and Strongly Correlated Electron Systems; Fundamentals of the Fermi-Liquid Theory; Superconductivity in Amorphous Systems; Electron Systems near Quantum Critical Points; Fundamentals of Spintronic Devices
Girimaji, Sharath S Aerospace Engineering Meso-scale Simulations of Turbulent Flows with Reactions and Plasma Effects
Gratz, Paul V Electrical Engineering Security, power, reliability and performance in multicore and distributed computer architectures. Processor memory systems. On-chip interconnection networks.
Guiseppi-Elie, Anthony Biomedical Engineering Peptide-based molecular recognition for diagnostic biosensors; peptide-carbon nanomaterial interactions for nanotoxicology; peptide conjugations
Hall, Michael B Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry; Chemical Catalysis; Energy Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Theory & Computation
Han, Je C Mechanical Engineering Turbine blade cooling with numerical methods, including internal impingement cooling, external film cooling, and conjugate heat transfer calculations
Hassan, Yassin A Nuclear Engineering Computational & Experimental Thermal Hydraulics; Reactor Safety; Fluid Mechanics; Two-Phase Flow; Turbulence & Laser Velocimetry; Imaging Techniques
Hays, Dirk B Soil & Crop Sciences Nutritional, food product, and a/biotic stress plant breeding in wheat, sorghum, cowpea, cassava and high biomass energy crop using high throughput remote sensing, biochemical, physiological, and genetic based methods.
Hwang, Wonmuk Biomedical Engineering Motor proteins that carry out intracellular transport and cell division; mechanics of biofilament assemblies; molecular basis for the adaptive immune system; and automated bioimage analysis and model building.
Jimenez, Daniel A Computer Science Microarchitecture and the interaction between the compiler and the microarchitecture
Katzgraber, Helmut G Physics Magnetism and Superconductivity; Quantum Systems and Statistical Physics; Computational Statistical Physics; Quantum Computing; Data-Intensive Computation; High-Performance Computing
Kum, Hye Chung C Industrial Engineering Post-Acute care effectiveness analysis of cardiac as well as other surgeries and medical conditions
Lagoudas, Dimitris C Aerospace Engineering Multifunctional materials for energy applications
Lucchese, Robert R Chemistry Molecular Photoionization and Intermolecular Interactions
Luco Echeverria, Fernando A Economics Fernando Luco’s research focuses Empirical Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics. In his latest work he has studied how information disclosure affects competition, how mergers may affect strategic sophistication, and how coexisting sources of switching costs affect pricing decisions and consumer choices.
Mukherjee, Partha Mechanical Engineering Electrochemical energy storage and conversion (batteries, fuel cells); Processing/ transport / property interactions; Mesoscale physics and stochastics in energy materials and manufacturing
Muliana, Hanifah Mechanical Engineering Theoretical and computational mechanics focusing on nonlinear and time-dependent responses of materials and structures at various length-scales (from micron to meter scales).
Needleman, Alan Materials Science and Engineering Ductile fracture computational methodology, cohesive surface methods for fracture analysis
Palazzolo, Alan B Mechanical Engineering Rotordynamics, Magnetic Bearings, Active Vibration and Noise Control, Fluid Film Bearings, Vibrations, Finite and Boundary Elements, Seal and Impeller Leakage Flow, Piping Systems, Machine Design, Flywheels, Machinery Couplings, Expert Systems, Microgravity Vibration Isolation, Electromechanical Systems, CFD flow in pumps and compressors, Heart pumps (VAD), drillstring vibration, and RO desalination.
Perez, Lisa M Chemistry Molecular simulation
Qian, Xiaofeng Materials Science and Engineering Materials Theory, Discovery, and Design for Energy Applications and Device Design Aided by High-Throughput Computing; Two-Dimensional Materials and Their Coupled Multi-Physical Properties and Novel Device Concepts; Electronic, Thermal, and Ionic Transport in Energy Materials and Electronic and Optical Devices; First-Principles Methodology Development towards Efficient and Accurate Prediction of Ground-state and Excited-state Properties of Materials; Multiscale Materials Modeling of Complex Physical and Chemical Processes
Saravanan, Ramalingam Atmospheric Sciences Modeling tropical weather and climate using global and regional models
Seminario, Jorge Chemical Engineering Methods and procedures for the estimation of energies and other expectation values of nanomaterials for applications in catalysts, electrochemistry, biology using first principles or first principles based theories.
Silvestri Dobrovolny, Chiara Texas Transportation Institute Modeling structures for occupant protection and highway safety
Singleton, Daniel A Chemistry Study of organic, organometallic, and bioorganic reaction mechanisms, and the key tool that we use in these studies is the determination o kinetic isotope effects (KIEs)
Strigari, Louis E Physics Understanding astrophysical aspects of dark matter, and connecting these observations to particle dark matter theories
Talreja, Ramesh Aerospace Engineering Development of design methods for composite structures accounting for manufacturing defects
Tamamis, Phanourios Chemical Engineering Designing novel biomaterials with advanced applications. Elucidating the structures of key biomolecular complexes associated with amyloid diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and designing novel compounds that can potentially serve as therapeutics for amyloid diseases. Understanding at an atomic level the structure of ligand : protein interactions in key biological systems such as bacteria proteins, and the discovery of novel compounds with important biomedical applications.
Whitcomb, John Aerospace Engineering Prediction of damage initiation and growth in cryogenic composites and foams, Multiscale computational mechanics from nano to macro, Multifunctional materials, Numerical simulation of electric double layer supercapacitor, Mechanics of textile composites, Mechanics of polymer film scratching, Novel finite element analysis strategies
Zhang, Junjie Biochemistry & Biophysics Cryo-EM of Cellular Machineries
Zhu, Ding Petroleum Engineering General production engineering; Well stimulation; Complex well performance; Intelligent completion technology