Computing Ecosystem

Texas A&M HPRC has developed several programs that seed collaborations in the discipline of research computing. The Texas A&M research community is invited to participate with us in strengthening these activities as we build a holistic computing ecosystem. These activities may also be leveraged in pursuit of extramural funding opportunities. Here, we list a the significant components of our researcher-centric ecosystem:

Computing Facilities and Support

Texas A&M HPRC offers a wide array of cutting-edge computing services to Texas A&M affiliated researchers. Computing is offered on world-class super computers that include the latest CPU, GPU, and accelerator technologies for computational research. These resources can be listed in your facilities statement, or used to justify experience with computing technologies. Faculty may also request cost-share from the Division of Research when appropriate.

Research and Technology Support

Texas A&M HPRC staff scientists can participate as research collaborators (and consultants) on research activities.They can assist with migrating research workflows from to different computing technologies, tuning operations, and processing data among others. Our popular Bring Your Own Science program helps start a dialogue between our experts and eager researchers who are new to computing.

Developing Technologies

Texas A&M HPRC specialists collaborate and work with researchers to develop new computing technologies that facilitate research. These may include portals, apps, dashboards, data transfer protocols, and automation among others. We are excited to partner on new research software engineering programs.

Research in Informal Instructional Practices

Texas A&M HPRC continues to develop an extensive set of resources for informal training in computing. These are offered in live instructor-led and self-paced education modalities. In recent years, we have published our research on pedagogical approaches toward improving informal computing education. Researchers can participate in these training events. All instructional materials are available for adoption.

Enhancing Formal Curricula

Our vast array of instructional materials for Research Computing education have been included as components of several courses at Texas A&M. We also offer guest lectures for classes that use HPRC-managed clusters.

Community Outreach

Texas A&M HPRC offers several outreach events that span the breadth from research talks, user conferences, training events, workshops and hackathons to encourage student, faculty, staff and community participation in computing. Among these is our Summer Computing Academy program that offers week-long computing workshops for middle and high-school students. Researchers are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Regional and National Community Building

Texas A&M HPRC has been actively working/building with regional and national communities of computing enthusiasts. This has been facilitated via National Science Foundation grants geared toward becoming a regional hub for computing expertise. These communities include members from computing groups, community colleges, non-profits, industry and research-intensive universities.

Here is a listing of some Federally funded projects led by HPRC that offer opportunities for participation:

  1. Technology Platforms
    1. NSF ACES
    3. NSF Frontera
  2. Education and Training
    1. NSF Cybertraining CISE-ProS
    2. NSF Cybertraining CMS3 Workshops
  3. Communities of Proficiency
    1. NSF CC* BRICCs

Texas A&M PIs who are interested in Texas A&M organizational collaboration on proposals should contact the Director, Dr. Honggao Liu, . A facilities document is available on request for inclusion in proposals.