Current Job Opportunities

Senior IT Professional II

The HPRC Senior IT Professional II will focus on enhancing and maintaining the security of HPRC resources as well as provide additional expertise for research projects requiring Windows environments and virtualization services and any specialized security requirements.

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Systems Administrator IV

The Systems Administrator IV will maintain a large and complex systems software development project; provide advanced technical support in developing, maintaining, installing, and using operating systems or subsystems; and provide strategic planning and technical guidance on major development projects.

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Assistant Research Scientist

The Assistant Research Scientist will provide consulting, technical support to customers, and training users of high-performance computing resources for scientific research while also serving as the principal investigator on an NSF grant and promoting collaboration and cooperation while working in a team.

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Student Research Assistant

This student in this position will perform the following duties to support research and funded activities at Texas A&M High Performance Research Computing.

  • Develop next-generation computing technologies to support Texas A&M researchers using the HPRC resources
  • Web Development: create user-friendly web-based resources
  • Documentation: write and revise guides that target a multidisciplinary user base, create instructional videos
  • Assist with creation of surveys and metrics for projects, and participate in community workshops and in-person interviews
  • Assist in writing publications, drafting posters, and developing presentations
  • Offer training sessions to interested learners on new technologies

Please search for Job ID 36224 at Jobs for Aggies if you are interested in this student position. If you have any questions about the student position, please contact the HPRC helpdesk.