ACES: NEC Vector Annealing


Instructor: Raghunandan Mathur

Time: Tuesday, November 28, 2023 — 10:00AM-12:30PM CT

Location: online using Zoom

Prerequisites: Current ACCESS ID, basic Python skills, basic understanding of Linear Algebra

NEC Vector Annealing is a unique implementation for simulated quantum annealing on NEC's Vector Engine hardware. This solution can be used to efficiently narrow down the search range of solutions for combinatorial optimization problems by utilizing various constraints imposed in practical situations. The NEC Vector Annealing Service performs matrix calculations with a large-capacity memory, ultra-high-speed processing of large-scale combination problems on the vector processor.

This session has been designed to help users understand the concept of quantum annealing, introduce them to the solution stack of NEC Vector annealing, and undertake programming exercises to solve combinatorial optimization problems in hands-on sessions.

Course Materials

Presentation slides

The presentation slides are available as a downloadable PDF.

  • ACES Vector Annealing (Spring 2024): PDF

  • NEC Vector Annealing (Fall 2023): PDF


Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Simulated Annealing for Combinatorial Optimization
  • Encoding Combinatorial Problems with PyQUBO
  • D-Wave Simulated Annealing
  • NEC Vector Annealing (VA)
  • Overview of Quantum Annealing