HPRC Primers


Instructor: Lisa Perez, Dylan Rodriguez

Time: various

Location: Zoom session only

Prerequisites: None for Linux primer, Terra account for Clusters primer.

Course Materials


The resources are available as downloadable PDF files.

YouTube Playlist

Primer recordings are available on the HPRC YouTube channel

Note: The recordings need to be processed and hence will not be available immediately after the presentation.


Introduction to HPRC: VPN, accounts, and capabilities
Tuesday, June 1 @ 10am

Introduction to Linux and Cluster Login
Tuesday, June 1 @ 1pm

  • Basic commands
  • Process and filesystem concepts
  • Shell scripts

Introduction to the Terra Cluster, HPRC account
Tuesday, June 1 @ 2:30pm

  • Basic system information
  • Compiling and running programs
  • Creating and submitting SLURM batch jobs

Using the SLURM Job Scheduler on Terra Cluster
Wednesday, June 2 @ 11am

  • Building job files
  • Job submission on Terra
  • Queues, wait times and job management