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Getting Started with ACCESS

Apply for an ACCESS ID

Please apply for an ACCESS ID to access the FASTER, ACES, and Launch clusters. Follow this guide to complete the steps. Try to complete all the steps in a single session; incomplete registration breaks the system.

Two Registration Options

Please apply for an ACCESS ID at the ACCESS New User page.

On this page, there are two ways to proceed (numbered 1 and 2). Option 1 (“Register with an existing identity”) is the better option, but it's not available to all researchers. To determine if option 1 is available to you, click on option 1 and give it a try. If it doesn't work, go back and choose option 2.


Click on option 1 (“Register with an existing identity”) to determine if your institution is supported.


On the next page, look for your institution in the drop-down list. If it’s not there, go back and select option 2.


If you chose option 1, log in with your institution's single sign-on.

The remaining steps in this guide assume you are using option 2.

Create your ACCESS ID

Fill in your details and proceed through the next several steps.



Begin typing your home institution and then select it from the drop-down menu. If your home institution does not appear, click "I cannot find my organization" to request that it be added to this list.



Your email must be verified. Watch for an email and proceed through the next several steps.



You will be assigned an ACCESS ID that is related to your first and last name. For example, John Doe might be assigned an ID of jdoe1.

Choose a password.


Set up Authentication

How to Login

Attempt to log in to any ACCESS page. For example, You will select an identity provider depending on how you registered. access-select-identity

  • If you chose option 1 (Existing identity), choose your home institution from the drop-down menu. It will redirect you to your home institution's single sign-on.
  • If you chose option 2, choose ACCESS CI (XSEDE) from the dropdown menu. Use your ACCESS ID and password.


Two-factor Authentication

If you chose option 2 or if your institution doesn’t support two-factor authentication, you will be required to choose a two-factor authentication method.

ACCESS may automatically prompt you to begin this process. Instructions can also be found on ACCESS MFA Management page.


We recommend using the Duo Mobile option with your phone for this purpose.


Provide a phone number to prove that you own it.


We recommend installing the Duo Mobile App on your phone.


Use the QR code to link your Duo Mobile App to your ACCESS account.



Test your authentication method by clicking continue, then send yourself a Duo Push.


Troubleshooting ACCESS ID

Get Help

If you run into issues during this process, please submit a ticket using the form at Also, please send us an email at to let us know if you have done this.


If you can log in to the main ACCESS portal ( but aren’t sure what your ACCESS ID is, you can check by viewing your profile under My ACCESS -> Edit profile (sometimes you have to click this menu twice to get to the profile).


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