Introduction to MATLAB


Instructor: Jian Tao

Time: Friday, February 28, 10:00AM-12:30PM

Location: Zoom session only

Prerequisites: Intro to Ada course, if Ada account is required.

This short course covers basic topics in MATLAB programming. Topics include basic commands; vectors and matrices; control loops and other basic programming blocks; 2D plotting; running MATLAB on Ada.

Course Materials

  • Introduction to MATLAB (Fall 2019): PDF
  • Introduction to MATLAB (Fall 2018): PDF
  • Introduction to MATLAB (Spring 2018): PDF
  • Introduction to MATLAB (Fall 2017): PDF


This course focuses, among others, on the following topics:

  • Brief history of MATLAB
  • MATLAB on Ada
  • Variables, operators, and other basic language usage
  • Vectors, matrices, and common functions
  • 2D plotting

Note: During the class sessions many aspects of the material will be illustrated live via a login to Ada. Attendees are welcome to follow these parts with their own laptops equipped with MATLAB. You are encouraged to contact the HPRC helpdesk with any questions regarding Ada.