System Notices

Maintenance for Ada Login Nodes, October 8th

UPDATE (10/8 6:30pm): The maintenance for the Ada login nodes has been completed.

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Terra Cluster Maintenance Completed, September 26

UPDATE (9/26 8:30pm): The maintenance for the Terra cluster has been completed. Batch job scheduling has resumed.

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Ada Cluster Status, September 26

UPDATE (9/26 5pm): Cooling for the Teague data center has been restored. Most of the compute nodes are back online for the Ada cluster. The remaining compute nodes will be restored ASAP.

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STAR-CCM+ License Status, September 25

UPDATE (9/25 11:15am): The STAR-CCM+ license has been updated and is now available.

(9/22 10:31am): STAR-CCM+ licensing is currently unavailable. We are currently waiting on a new temporary license from the vendor, Siemens. We will provide updates ASAP.

HPRC Web Site Maintenance Completed, September 16

UPDATE (9/16 10:38pm): The HPRC web site and wiki maintenance has been completed.