System Notices

Terra3 Login Node Maintenance, May 19

UPDATE (5/19 12:45pm): The maintenance has been completed. The login node is now available.

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Ada and Curie Cluster Maintenance, May 1

UPDATE (5/1 11:50pm): The maintenance for the Ada and Curie clusters has been completed. Both clusters are now available for use.

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LS-DYNA License Status, May 1

UPDATE (5/1 3:52pm): The LS-DYNA license has been updated and is now available.

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Batch System Policy Change for Ada and Terra, April 18

(4/18 7:00pm): Jobs on the Ada cluster are also required to either 1) set a default account for batch jobs or 2) specify an account during job submission. Our apologies for not including Ada in the previous notice.

For more information about AMS and how to use the myproject command, please consult the AMS documentation (

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Terra Batch System Status, April 18

(4/18 3:33pm): The job submission issues on Terra should now be fixed.

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