System Notices

Terra Cluster Retirement, May 31

Posted at 04/05/2024 3:22pm

The Terra cluster will be retired in phases according to the following schedule:

  • On May 31, we will close job scheduling and power down the compute nodes on Terra. The login and data transfer nodes will remain available for retrieving and migrating data.
  • On June 30, the Terra cluster will be completely shutdown. Retrieval and/or migration of data MUST be completed by this date.
Users MUST only migrate data from Terra that will be used for future work to the other HPRC clusters. Any other data not intended for use on HPRC cluster that you want to retain MUST be copied to non-HPRC storage. All large quota increase requests over 10TB MUST be submitted by PIs, and will be reviewed and approved by the HPRC director.