Since 1989, the High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) group, formerly the Supercomputing Facility, has been dedicated to be a resource for research and discovery at Texas A&M University. We support more than 2,000 users including more than 400 faculty members. Our users use our computing resources for cutting edge, collaborative, and transformative research including, but not limited to, materials development, quantum optimization, and climate prediction. We will continue to promote emerging computing technology to researchers, and assist them in using it for research and discovery.

Our Mission

HPRC's mission is to enable research and discoveries that advance sciences and technologies. HPRC deploys and operates advanced computing and data resources to enable computational and data-enabled research activities of students, faculty, and staff at Texas A&M University. HPRC also provides consulting, technical documentation, and training to support users of these resources.

Our Resources

The HPRC group currently administers four HPC clusters totaling 8 PF in peak performance with 18.3 PB of high-performance storage.

More information can be found at the HPRC resources page.

If you need a facility document with more details for your grant application, please contact us.