Introduction to R


Time: Friday, April 20, 9:30am - 12:30pm

Location: SCC 102.B

This course aims at introducing R as a software environment for statistical computing.

Course Materials

Presentation Slides

  • Introduction to R Presentation Slides (Spring 2018): PDF


  • Preparation Instructions for Introduction to R Course: PDF
  • Setup Instructions for Jupyter Notebook: PDF
  • Jupyter Commands for Introduction to R Course: PDF
  • Jupyter Notebook for R Course: Python Notebook (ipynb)


This course focuses, among others, on the following topics:

Introduction to R

  • Data manipulation
  • Making functions (reusable code)
  • Sample experiments
  • Working with packages

Note: During the class sessions many aspects of the material will be illustrated live via a login to Ada. You are encouraged to contact the HPRC helpdesk with any questions regarding Ada.

Prerequisites: Unix/Linux skills