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Early Access

Launch is in early user access mode. Please request access to Launch for testing and training.

Getting started

Researcher accounts on Launch are managed through NSF ACCESS.

Getting an account on ACCESS

To get started with ACCESS and set up your ACCESS ID, please follow our instructions at Helpful Pages: Getting Started with ACCESS.

Getting an account on Launch

Once you have set up your ACCESS ID, please fill out the Launch registration form to request access to the Launch cluster.

Portal login

Authorized ACCESS users can log in using the Web Portal:

To learn more about the Web Portal, please visit the Portal kb page for additional information.

(Note: the above video talks about the ACES cluster, which is not part of Launch, but the process described is the same for both.) Launch-specific videos will be available soon.

no SSH login

Direct ssh login is currently not available for Launch. Please log in through the portal.

Please note that Launch is not listed as an ACCESS Resource. Currently, you do not need to request an ACCESS Allocation to use Launch.

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