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tamubatch utility

tamubatch is an automatic batch job submission script on Terra and Grace that allows you to submit batch job files without batch parameters. tamubatch takes a job file of executable commands and directly adds parameters to the job file so the user does not have to enter parameters every time. The user can specify specific batch commands with the use of flags or they may use tamubatch's default batch parameters.


[ NetID@ ~]$ tamubatch -help



  --walltime | -W <0:00>
        Sets the walltime for the current job in format 0:00.  Default is 30 minutes

  --GPU | -gpu
    selects the gpu node to run the current job.

  --cores | -n <n>
        Sets the total number of cores for the current job.  Default is one Core

  --cores-per-node | -R <n>
        Sets the number of cores per compute node.  Default is the number of cores requested from the --cores flag (if specified) with a maximum of 48 cores per node on Grace and 28 cores per node on Terra.

  --total-memory | -M <n>MB/G
        Sets the overall memory limit for the current job. Must specify MB or G Default is <4000MB on grace, 2000MB on terra> * Number of cores.

  --project-account | -P <Account Number>
        Sets the account to charge for the current job.

  --extras | -x "<all other LSF/SLURM flags>"
        Extra batch submission features for Users.


  --command | -command "<bash commands>"
        Intended for Rapid prototyping

  --download | -download
        Generates script for download. Will not submit a job if flag is called.

  --help | -h | -help
         Shows this message and exits.

batch file

The batch file is a regular text file with the commands needed to be executed on the cluster. Below is an example of commands that could potentially be found in batch job files.


echo "Hello"

ml purge



The following are examples of calls to tamubatch.

Example 1: default submission

[ NetID@cluster ~]$ tamubatch my_job_file

In the above example, tamubatch will identify the job file (my_job_file) and then submit the job to the cluster with default parameters. The default parameters are 1 core and 1 core per node. On Grace, the default amount of memory is 400MB (4G). On Terra, the default amount of memory is 2000MB (2.0G).

Example 2: job submission with flags

[ NetID@cluster ~]$ tamubatch my_job_file -W 1:00 -n 20 -R 20 -M 50G

In the above example, tamubatch will set the wall time to one hour, the number of cores to 20, the number of cores per node to 20, and the total amount of memory for the job as 50G. tamubatch will then submit the job (my_job_file) directly to the cluster.

Example 3: job submission with GPU node and extra batch parameters

[ NetID@cluster ~]$ tamubatch my_job_file -gpu -W 5:00 -n 40 -R 20 -M 80G -x "--mail-type=ALL"

After setting the number of cores, the number of cores per node, and the memory in the example above, tamubatch will select the gpu node to run the current job (my_job_file). tamubatch will then include extra batch parameters in the job submission. In this specific example, the user will be alerted through email when their batch job starts to run and when their batch job is complete.

NOTE: the -x flag is used to add any additional batch scheduler flag on either Grace and Terra.

Example 4: job submission with commands

[ NetID@cluster ~]$ tamubatch my_job_file -W 1:00 -n 20 -R 20 -M 50G -command "echo hello; cd /user/net-id/"

Tamubatch will insert the same batch parameters as Example 2. Tamubatch will then add the commands entered using the command flag to the end of the batch job file (my_job_file). It will then submit the job to the clusters.

A visual representation can be found in this video on our YouTube channel.

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