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EnSight is a software program for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating data from computer simulations and/or experiments. - Homepage:


EnSight is open to all HPRC users when used within the terms of our license agreement. If you have particular concerns about whether specific usage falls within the TAMU HPRC license, please send an email to the HPRC Helpdesk.

Note: Ensight is ONLY available via the ANSYS 19.0 or newer modules.

Loading the Module

Load the ANSYS 19.3 module first:

   [NetID@cluster ~]$ `**`module   load   ANSYS/19.3`**

Note: New versions of software become available periodically. Version numbers may change.

Usage on the VNC Nodes

The VNC nodes allow for usage of the a graphical user interface (GUI) without disrupting other users.

VNC jobs and GUI usage do come with restrictions. All VNC jobs are limited to a single node (Terra: 28 cores/64GB). There are fewer VNC nodes than comparable compute nodes.

For more information, including instructions, on using software on the VNC nodes, please visit our Terra Remote Visualization page.

Running the EnSight GUI

While in a VNC job, use ensight (with vglrun) to start the EnSight GUI:

    [NetID@gpu ~]$ vglrun ensight102
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