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gedit is a graphical text editor aimed at simplicity and ease of use. Further information can be found at:


Due to the light resource requirement and nature of its usage, gedit is allowed unlimited usage on login nodes within reason.

(Note: gedit uses a GUI, which won't work in the terminal accessed through the OnDemand portal. You can use gedit if you have either logged into a cluster via your own terminal with X11 forwarding, or are working in a VNC job via "Interactive Apps" in the portal.)

To launch a session of gedit:


Or use the following to launch gedit without tying up your current terminal:

gedit &

Specific files can be opened directly. To open a file named "Example.txt":

gedit Example.txt &


gedit and some other graphical programs are known to crash when certain modules are loaded. If you experience gedit constantly crashing, please try to unload your current modules and relaunch gedit:

module purge
gedit &

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