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LS-OPT is a standalone Design Optimization and Probabilistic Analysis package FOR LS-DYNA.


LS-OPT is available to any users within an academic department which has purchased their own license. We host the license on behalf of the licensed department(s).


The documentation can be found at

Loading the Module

To see all versions of LS-OPT available:

[NetID@cluster ~]$ module spider LS-OPT

To load a particular version of LS-OPT on terra (Example: LS-OPT/7.0.1-r112328):

[NetID@cluster ~]$ module load LS-OPT/7.0.1-r112328

To show the help information for a particular version of LS-OPT:

 [NetID@cluster ~]$ module help LS-OPT/7.0.1-r112328

------------------------------- Module Specific Help for "LS-OPT/7.0.1-r112328" --------------------------------
  LS-OPT is a standalone Design Optimization and Probabilistic Analysis package with an interface to LS-DYNA. - Homepage:

  Sets up environment for LS-OPT 5.2. A module for LS-DYNA will also be loaded for use with this module.  Use the lsopt command to start LS-OPT or the lsoptui command to start the LS-OPT GUI.  The manual is located at /software/tamusc/LS-OPT/5.2/LSOPT_EXE/lsopt_52_manual.pdf 

Usage on the Login Nodes

Please limit interactive processing to short, non-intensive usage. Use non-interactive batch jobs for resource-intensive and/or multiple-core processing. Users are requested to be responsible and courteous to other users when using software on the login nodes.

The most important processing limits here are:
* ONE HOUR of PROCESSING TIME per login session.

  • EIGHT CORES per login session on the same node or (cumulatively) across all login nodes.

Anyone found violating the processing limits will have their processes killed without warning. Repeated violation of these limits will result in account suspension.
Note: Your login session will disconnect after one hour of inactivity.

Usage on the VNC Nodes

The VNC nodes allow for usage of the a graphical user interface (GUI) without disrupting other users.

VNC jobs and GUI usage do come with restrictions. All VNC jobs are limited to a single node (Terra: 28 cores/64GB). There are fewer VNC nodes than comparable compute nodes.

For more information, including instructions, on using software on the VNC nodes, please visit our Terra Remote Visualization page.

NOTE: LS-OPT should be started with vglrun when used via VNC jobs .

More Information

To find more information on LS-OPT, please consult for an overview, tutorials, FAQ, and the LS-OPT user group.

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