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myjob is available on all clusters and will display the status of your Slurm job.

Use the following command to see usage.

myjob -h


myjob -h

    myjob will show details about your job status and can also display your current disk and file quotas and accounts.
    Highlighted issues include reaching file/disk quotas and if the job script file contains CRLF characters.
    myjob will also advise you if your job is PENDING due to the walltime overlapping with a scheduled maintenance.

    myjob jobID [options]

    -a  show project accounts
    -q  show quotas
    -s  show job script
    -d  find the directory in $HOME directory that has the highest file count
    -f  show full output available (show output of all options -a -q -s -d)
    -h  show this help message

Example output

Completed Job

myjob 9814093

              Job ID: 9814093
             Cluster: grace
          User/Group: userid/userid
             Account: 123456789101
         SUs charged: 283.82
               State: COMPLETED (exit code 0)
           Partition: long
          Node Count: 1
            NodeList: c121
      Cores per node: 48
        CPU Utilized: 01:07:56
      CPU Efficiency: 0.42% of 11-08:28:00 core-walltime
         Submit time: 2024-02-24 17:32:41
          Start time: 2024-02-24 17:32:50
            End time: 2024-02-24 23:13:25
 Job Wall-clock time: 05:40:35
     Memory Utilized: 40.95 GB
   Memory Efficiency: 11.38% of 360.00 GB
            Job Name: parafold
Job Submit Directory: /scratch/user/netid/myproject
         Submit Line: sbatch

Pending Job

myjob 9851781

              Job ID: 9851781
             Cluster: grace
          User/Group: userid/userid
             Account: 123456789101
               State: PENDING
              Reason: Priority
         Submit time: 2024-03-04 10:42:29
           Partition: gpu
          Node Count: 1
            NodeList: None assigned
               Cores: 1
                Note: Efficiency not available for jobs in the PENDING state.
            Job Name: alphafold
Job Submit Directory: /scratch/user/netid/myproject
         Submit Line: sbatch
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