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File Systems

File Space

Global file space on FASTER is available on all compute and login nodes. It is organized into the file systems shown in the table below. Access to the allocated file space is through the indicated directories that are setup automatically for every user.

File System Directory Environment Variable Storage Hardware File Space Quota File Counts Quota Comments
Home /home/USERID $HOME DDN 10 GB 10000 Upon login, you will be situated in /home/$USER. The use of this area is for small-to-modest amount of processing: small software, scripts, compiling, editing. Its space and file count limits are not extensible. This area is backed up on a nightly basis.
Scratch /scratch/user/USERID $SCRATCH DDN 1 TB 250000 This is a high performance storage, intended to temporarily hold rather large files, and only for on-going processing that uses them. It is NOT backed up nor is it intended as long-term storage area. Please delete or move out of these area any files that are not frequently used.
Project /scratch/group/PROJECTID $PROJECT DDN 5 TB 500000 This is a high performance storage for specific storage allocation requests (separate from general shared group directories). Not purged while allocation is active. Removed 90 days after allocation expiration.

PIs may also establish shared group directories. Contact us or submit a request using the "Manage Groups" button in the Dashboard in the FASTER portal.

Quotas & File Use

A user can run the showquota command to display file usage on FASTER.

[username@faster ~]$ showquota

Your current disk quotas are:
Disk                  Disk Usage      Limit   File Usage      Limit
/home/username              1.4G      10.0G         3661      10000
/scratch/user/username    117.6G       1.0T        24226     250000
/scratch/group/projectid  510.5G       5.0T       128523     500000
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