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Globus Connect

Globus Connect is a reliable, high-performance file transfer platform allowing users to transfer large amounts of data seamlessly between systems or endpoints. Users can schedule transfer via a web interface and receive notification after transfer is completed. The endpoint can be systems with Globus installed (like terra-ftn) or user's personal desktop.

Access Globus Connect

Globus has a good tutorial on How To Log In and Transfer Files with Globus

  • Go to login page. Select "Texas A & M University" from the drop down menu, under "Use your existing organizational login", and then login with NetID.

Optional, you can install Globus Connect Personal on your desktop. Follow instruction from Globus web site.

Data Transfer

  • Select an endpoint (or "collection"), where data locates
    • For Terra, search "TAMU" in "Collection" and use "TAMU terra-ftn" as endpoint.
    • For Grace, search "TAMU" in "Collection" and use "TAMU grace-dtn" as endpoint.
    • For FASTER, search "TAMU" in "Collection" and use "TAMU FASTER DTN1" as endpoint for TAMU users. "XSEDE TAMU FASTER" for XSEDE users.
  • You might be asked to login with your NetID/NetID Password if you login web page with Globus ID
  • The default directory is your home directory. To access your scratch directory, enter "/scratch/user/YourNetID" in the Path.
  • Drag and Drop file or directory as needed.
  • Under "Transfer & Sync Options", you can choose "sync" to transfer new or changed files. The default is "transfer". You can also enable "preserve source file modification times" to preserve modification date of the source file. Note that date and permission of the directories are not preserved. You can run rsync" afterward to update the modification date and permission if needed.
  • After transfer is completed, you should receive an email notification.

Globus GUI connectivity to One Drive

Onedrive now provides 10TB storage space for all registered accounts. You can follow the steps provided in this video to transfer your files from one TAMU end point to another.

  • To transfer your files from Grace or Terra, choose one of the endpoints as "TAMU Grace - dnt" or "TAMU Terra - fnt."
  • Set "TAMU AIP Azure OneDrive Globus Storage Collection" as second endpoint.


  • Authenticate OneDrive using your credential.
  • Execute file transfer as per the instructions in the video.

Log out Globus Connect

To log out Globus, click on "Account" icon on the left, then "Logout" button on the top right corner.

Tutorial Videos

Globus Command Line Interface (CLI)

Globus CLI is a standalone application that can be installed on the user’s machine and used to access the Globus service. globus-cli is written in python and can be installed on Linux/Mac by following this installation guide using "pip". Python 2.7+ or 3.4+ is required.

Once login, user can transfer files between two endpoints, or list directory on an endpoint. The login session is valid for two days (see additional note below).

Useful links:

Additional notes:

  • "globus login" will try to open a web page for CAS authentication. Or user can copy/paste the URL onto another browser.
  • After login, globus session is valid for 2 days. You can check session status via "globus session show". After two days, "globus session show" will be empty. However, based on our testing, a login session is valid for 10 days.
  • To renew your login session, you can use "globus session update" or login web site ( globus).

Note for accessing TACC clusters with Globus Connect

For those using TAMU allocation on TACC clusters, your accounts are not part of XSede and additional steps are needed for using Globus Connect at TACC.

  • See instruction "Using Globus at TACC" on how to import DN on TACC's portal.
  • Choose "TACC Stampede" (for non-XSede accounts) as endpoint
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