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Q: Is [blank] software installed on the clusters?

A: To see if the software is available on the clusters, use module avail:

[NetID@cluster ~]$module avail[package name]

This will show a list of all the available software matching this name. The command module spider can be used to search for available software:

[NetID@cluster ~]$module spider[package name]

More information on the module system can be found on our Modules page.

Q: How do I load [blank] software?

A: Our clusters use a module system to manage software. This means that to use the software, the proper modules must be loaded first. To load a module, use module load:

[NetID@cluster ~]$module load[package name]

Note: The full module name, including the version number, is required to load specific modules. Use module spider to find the full module name.
More information on the module system can be found on our Modules page.

Q: How many [blank] licenses are available?

A: On our clusters we have a license status checker tool in order to see how many licenses are currently in use and how many are available. To check the license status of a certain software, use license_status -s:

[NetID@cluster ~]$license_status -s[package name]

More information for this tool can be found on our License Checker page.

Q: The software I need is not installed, what can I do?

A: If a particular software is not already installed on the cluster, you can contact us regarding the installation of this software. If the software requires a license which we do not already have, you or your department will need to provide your own license to be able to use the software on the cluster. In general we try to provide as much software as possible for our users. However, this is not always possible, nor is it always possible in a timely manner. If you need a software that is not installed on the cluster, you are also able to install it for yourself on your Scratch directory. However, this is only recommended for experienced users.
Note: We are unable to install Windows only software/packages on our clusters.
Please account for delays in your installation request timeline.

Q: I have a license server for [blank] software, can I use this software on your clusters?

A: If you have a license for a particular software which you would like to use on the clusters, you will need to contact us with that information. We will need the name and version of the software you will be using along with the license file and the host name of your license server.

Q: I do not know how to use [blank] software, can you help me?

A: We have documentation on the software page regarding some of our software, however, these are more for getting started running jobs on the cluster, not necessarily using the software. In a lot of cases, we do not have a lot of experience using the software that is provided on our clusters. That being said, it is often best to consult the user guide of a particular software if you are having trouble using the software. We can always try to provide assistance, but in some cases we will only be able to provide as much help as the user guide for that software provides.

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