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Altair Hyperworks provides the most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE solution in the industry including best-in-class modeling, analysis, and optimization. - Homepage:


We have documentation available for the following versions of Hyperworks:


To see all versions of Hyperworks available:

[ netID@cluster ~]$module spider Hyperworks

To load a particular version of Hyperworks (Example: 2017):

[ netID@cluster ~]$module load Hyperworks/2017

Usage on the VNC Nodes

The VNC nodes allow for usage of the a graphical user interface (GUI) without disrupting other users.

VNC jobs and GUI usage do come with restrictions. All VNC jobs are limited to a single node (20 cores, 64GB or 256GB). There are fewer VNC nodes than comparable compute nodes. Nearly all processing that is done within the GUI can be done more efficiently within a non-interactive job once the pre-processing is done.

Running the Hyperworks GUI

Using the Hyperworks GUI requires loading an OpenGL module before launching the GUI. To load the necessary OpenGL module:

[ netID@cluster ~]$module load OpenGL/NVIDIA

Hyperworks has various commands to start its desktop applications:

  • hg: Starts HyperWorks Desktop with the HyperGraph 2D client loaded
  • hm: Starts HyperMesh standalone
  • hmdesktop: Starts HyperWorks Desktop with the HyperMesh client loaded
  • hv: Starts HyperWorks Desktop with the HyperView client loaded
  • hw: Starts HyperWorks Desktop with the default client loaded
  • mview: Starts HyperWorks Desktop with the MotionView client loaded

While in a VNC job, use hw (with vglrun) to start the Hyperworks desktop with the default client loaded:

[NetID@gpu ~]$vglrun hw

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