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Some software installation procedures and/or advanced usage of the clusters require access to the installation directories of module software. The $EBROOT* variables can be used to find relevant directories, simplify scripting, or avoid typing the full path.

The EBROOT variable will be EBROOT plus the name of the software in all uppercase:

module load intel/2022b


The ~/.bashrc file is used to initialize your environment when using Bash on our clusters. (Re)Initialization usually occurs when first logging in, within bash scripts, and within jobs. It is for this reason that it is recommended that you DO NOT MODIFY the ~/.bashrc file. Modifications may work while on the login nodes or for certain jobs, but they often cause obscure issues when modules/modifications conflict.

Conflict Example

The following is an example of bad modification to the ~/.bashrc file that causes a conflict between modules under certain circumstances. Trying to recreate this issue may cause any of the same result, different problems, or no issue - this is due to the updating of modules and further compounds troubleshooting difficulty.

module load intel/2022b
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