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Data Migration for Terra Shutdown

Q: When is the last day I will be able to access Terra?

A: On June 30, 2024, the Terra cluster will be completely shutdown. Retrieval and/or migration of data MUST be completed by this date.

Note: Job scheduling was closed and compute nodes were powered down on May 31.

Q: What data is appropriate to copy from Terra to other HPRC clusters?

A: You should only copy data from Terra that you intend to use on other HPRC clusters. The cluster storage is not intended for long term storage of infrequently used or idle data.

Cluster Scratch Storage is Not for Long Time Storage All non-home disk-resident areas (e.g., /scratch), on all compute clusters, are made available to meet the current needs of active users. Such areas are not meant in any way to provide long-term storage. Users are expected to continually delete or move elsewhere files that are not being used for current work. The staff will periodically delete older user files when the fill level reaches 90% of capacity. The HPRC will send out notices before such action takes place.

Q: Should I copy my data from Terra to Grace or FASTER?

A: Grace and FASTER share the same $SCRATCH file system so if you copy your files to Grace $SCRATCH, you can also access them from FASTER $SCRATCH

Note: Grace and FASTER do not share the same $HOME directory

Q: Do I need to submit an application to access Grace or FASTER if I have an account on Terra?

A: No. Your HPRC application covers access to the Grace and FASTER clusters.

Q: How do I transfer my data from Terra to Grace.

A: You can use various utilities such as Globus Connect and rsync.

Note: Globus Connect is the recommended approach. We have a video demonstrating how to transfer files between HPRC clusters using Globus on HPRC.

Q: What will happen to my data on Terra?

A: The file system for Terra's home and scratch will be retired. All data on the Terra file system will be wiped after Terra's retirement. Users are advised to migrate/retrieve their data before the Terra's shutdown date of June 30, 2024.

Q: What will happen to my unused SUs on Terra?

A: Terra SU's will be removed and cannot be transferred to other HPRC clusters.

Q: Will my Job Scripts from Terra work on Grace?

A: Grace software modules are loaded differently than on Terra. You will need to update your job scripts to utilize the hierarchical module loading format on Grace.

Note: We have a video and a tutorial explaining the hierarchical module system on Grace and FASTER.

Q: My version of Software X is on Terra but not on Grace, how can I request this software version?

A: Please use the 'Request Software' form on the Grace or FASTER HPRC Portal Dashboard for new software installation requests.

Note: If you are off campus, you will need to install and start the TAMU VPN in order to access the HPRC Grace portal.

Note: You can use the 'module spider' command or search our Software page for a list of available software packages on Grace and FASTER.

Q: Can I bring a portable hard drive to HPRC helpdesk to back up my files?

A: Unfortunately, we don't support attaching portable hard drives directly to HPRC cluster login and management nodes due to security concerns. Users will download their data over the network.

Q: We have a group/share directory on Terra and would like to have one on Grace cluster.

A: Please have PI or primary contact of the current group/share directory fill out the 'Manage Groups' form on the HPRC Grace portal or FASTER portal.

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