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ACES: A Dell x86 HPC Cluster

Current Status: Pre-production: Last updated Apr 26, 2023

System Name:


Operating System:

RedHat Enterprise 8

Total Compute Cores/Nodes:

10,560 cores
110 nodes

Compute Nodes:

Sapphire Rapids Nodes
Ice Lake Nodes
Graphcore IPU
Graphcore Bow IPU
NEC Vector Engine

Composable Components

Bittware Agilex FPGA
Intel D5005 FPGA
NextSilicon co-processors
Intel GPU Max (Formerly Ponte Veccio) (Coming Soon)
Intel Optane Memory (Coming Soon)


NVIDIA Mellanox NDR200 InfiniBand (MPI and storage)
Liqid PCIe Gen4 (composability), Gen 5 Coming Soon

Peak Performance:

Global Disk:

2.3PB (usable) via DDN Lustre appliances

File System:


Batch Facility:

Slurm by SchedMD


West Campus Data Center

Production Date:

ACES is an Intel cluster from Dell with an InfiniBand NDR-200 interconnect which leverages Liqid’s composable framework via PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect express) hybrid Gen4&5 on Intel’s Sapphire Rapid processors to offer a rich accelerator testbed consisting of Intel Ponte Vecchio GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), Intel FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), NVIDIA H100 GPUs, NEC Vector Engines, NextSilicon co-processors, Graphcore IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units). The accelerators are coupled with Intel Optane memory and DDN Lustre storage interconnected with Mellanox NDR 400Gbps (gigabit-per-second) InfiniBand to support workflows that benefit from optimized devices.

ACES Phase II is a mix of Ice Lake and Sappire Rapids compute nodes

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