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ACES Quick Start Guide

ACES Usage Policies

Access to ACES is granted with the condition that you understand and adhere to all TAMU HPRC and ACES-specific policies.

General policies can be found on the HPRC Policies page.

ACES User Guide

Please visit the ACES User Guide for additional documentation.

Getting an account

Users can apply for an account on ACES through ACCESS. See the ACCESS Active Resources page in the ACCESS documentation to learn how to apply.

Portal login

Authorized ACCESS users can login using the Portal:

Please visit the Portal kb page for additional information.

no SSH login

Direct ssh login is currently not available for ACES. Please login through the portal.

When you first access ACES, you will be within your home directory. This directory has smaller storage quotas and should not be used for general purpose.

You can navigate to your home directory with the following command:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ cd /home/username

Your scratch directory has more storage space than your home directory and is recommended for general purpose use. You can navigate to your scratch directory with the following command:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ cd /scratch/user/username

You can navigate to scratch or home easily by using their respective environment variables.

Navigate to scratch with the following command:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ cd $SCRATCH

Navigate to home with the following command:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ cd $HOME

Your scratch directory is restricted to 1TB/250,000 files of storage. This storage quota is expandable upon request. A user's scratch directory is NOT backed up.

Your home directory is restricted to 10GB/10,000 files of storage. This storage quota is not expandable. A user's home directory is backed up on a nightly basis.

You can see the current status of your storage quotas with:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ showquota

If you need a storage quota increase, please contact us with justification and the expected length of time that you will need the quota increase.

Managing Project Accounts

The batch system will charge SUs from the either the account specified in the job parameters, or from your default account (if this parameter is omitted). To avoid errors in SU billing, you can view your active accounts, and set your default account using the myproject command.

Finding Software

Software on ACES is loaded using hierarchical modules.

A list of the most popular software on our systems is available on the HPRC Available Software page.

To list all software installed as a module on ACES, use the mla utility:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ mla

To search for a specific piece of software installed as a module on ACES using the mla utility:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ mla keyword

To search for particular software by keyword, use:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module spider keyword

To see how to load a module, use the full module name:

`[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module spider R/4.3.1"

You will see a message like the following

You will need to load all module(s) on any one of the lines below before the "R/4.3.1" module is available to load.

      GCC/12.2.0  OpenMPI/4.1.4

Load the base dependency module(s) first then the full module name

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module load GCC/12.2.0 OpenMPI/4.1.4 R/4.3.1

To list all currently loaded modules, use:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module list

To see what other modules can be loaded with the base dependency module (for example when GCCcore/10.2.0 is loaded)

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module avail

To remove all currently loaded modules, use:

[username@aces-login3 ~]$ module purge

If you need new software or an update, please contact us with your request.

There are restrictions on what software we can install. There is also regularly a queue of requested software installations.

Please account for delays in your installation request timeline.

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