Research Computing Week 2017

Texas A&M High Performance Research Computing hosted a week-long series of events June 5-9, 2017 at the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (ILSB) at Texas A&M University to introduce the A&M research community to computing and data resources and expertise available to support research, and, for advanced users, to provide additional training.

The week started with morning and afternoon workshops on a variety of topics on using local and national research computing resources, and ended with a Symposium on Thursday and Friday presenting talks and posters about best practices in computing and data intensive research, and national perspectives on building cyberinfrastructure capacity in the U.S. A Reception and Poster Session was held on late Thursday afternoon.



Keynote Talks

Research Talks

Vendor Talks

  • Nvidia Deep Learning Institute Lecture:  Deep Learning Demystified
    Dr. Josh Park and Dr. Rohit Taneja (Nvidia)
  • IBM Servers Technology and High Performance data analytics
    Terry Leatherland and Chris Mann (IBM)
  • Deep Learning with IBM Power 8/9 and Nvidia P100 GPUs
    Terry Leatherland (IBM) and Rojit Taneja (Nvidia)
  • IBM Storage Technologies and the Meta-ocean project
    Dr. Frank Lee (IBM)
  • IBM Research - Bluemix and Watson API for Text Analytics and Native language processing
    Daniel Toczala (IBM)
  • Deep Learning Lifecycle
    Bhavesh Patel, Server Advanced Engineering (Dell EMC)
  • Code Modernization and Software Defined Visualization
    Jeff Amstutz, Software Engineer (Intel Corporation)