Introduction to Unix/Linux and Running Jobs on the Ada cluster

BMEN489/689 Biomolecular & Cellular Engineering Lab
February 24, 2017

Users of High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) systems often encounter repeated difficulties in their computational work due to a limited understanding of the Lnix operating system and its user interface.

To help users close this gap, HPRC provides this module for in-class presentation.

This unit is structured as two hours of interactive lecture.

An outline of the topics covered in the Introduction to Unix/Linux part of the class is provided below. Because of the interactive nature of this course, some of the topics listed below may be introduced in a different order and covered to different depths.

  • Connecting to the system
  • Getting started
  • Unix command format
  • "man" pages
  • Basic commands
  • Basics of the Unix filesystem
  • Shell variables
  • File transfers
  • Basic process concepts
  • Process communications: signals
  • Shell concepts
  • Command line shortcuts
  • Quoting
  • I/O redirection

Class materials

Presentation slides

Emacs editor reference card

Additional References