HPRC/Intel OpenVINO Workshop

Time: Friday March 6, 2020 - 9:00am-4:00pm
Location: SCC 102.B
Instructor: Luke Ge, Intel
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This workshop provides easy access to the fundamental concepts of the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit for Computer Vision Applications. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to demos, showcasing the capabilities of this toolkit.

Session Name Description Time Duration
Introduction of AI and Intel AI portfolio This session will give an introduction of AI/Deep Learning (e.g. training and inferencing) and a quick, high-level overview of Intel AI technologies. 9:00 -
20 min
AI Inference: using Intel OpenVINO SDK This session will focus on OpenVINO™ - Intel's open source toolkit for Inference. OpenVINO™ is used to accelerate and deploy pre-trained workloads across the entire suite of Intel® hardware (including accelerators). 9:20 -
60 min
Break/Network 10:20 -
10 min
Hands-on sessions –Inference Attendees will have a chance to try out various Intel® AI solutions hands-on. Attendees will be walked through setup of remote access to a Jupyter Notebook based learning of optimizing deep learning code running on various Intel platform. 10:30 -
90 min
Lunch Break/Network - Sponsored by TAMU FIDS. 12:00 -
60 min
AI Training and Software Optimization In this session the speaker will walk through training techniques (like data parallelism and model parallelism) and some software optimization techniques. 13:00 -
30 min
Hands-on sessions – DL Training Attendees will be walked through a Jupyter Notebook based learning of optimizing deep learning code running on Intel Xeon® Scalable Processor. 13:30 -
1 hour
Break/Network 14:30 -
15 min
Use cases of large image processing In this session the speaker will share real-world solutions of processing high resolution, large, 3D images and the techniques to improve model accuracy. 14:45 -
30 min
Live demos Intel® Solution experts will demonstrate the various topics discussed over the day. We will run live examples on Intel® OpenVINO SDK for inference, distributed training on multi-nodes, Brain tumor detection, Intel ® Movidius for inference. 15:15 -
15 min

Speaker Bio

Luke Ge is an artificial intelligence (AI) Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) of Intel. His particular focus is on AI workload (training, inference) optimization using Intel tools (MKL-DNN, OpenVINO, Intel Tensorflow, etc.) on Intel platform (Xeon, VPU, FPGA, Optane, Omni-path).