STAR-CCM+ Training at TAMU

Time: Friday, September 29, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CDT)
Location: Room 301 Mechanical Engineering Office Building, College Station, TX 77843


Agenda: (for the morning and afternoon session):

  1. Overview and advantages of STAR-CCM+ (capabilities, ease of use, available training, tech support, etc)
  2. Hands-on session: Understanding the workflow in STAR-CCM+
  3. Hands-on session: Design exploration / optimization. Students experience how CAD can be connected directly to the simulation, allowing for quick design exploration (as shown here). Students will compete to find the best design and will compare their results to the best designs found through the design manager.
  4. A deeper look into multiphase flow and heat transfer capabilities



Please register using your academic email.

Please install the software as soon as possible BY TUESDAY so that if any problems are encountered, they can be resolved before the training. Please bring your loaded laptop to the training. This is needed so that you can follow along in our training session. We will not have time to troubleshoot installation/licensing during the training. Please see the below directions and meeting details for more information. If you already have STAR-CCM+ working on your laptop, you can ignore the rest of this message.

Installing STAR-CCM+

Please contact the HPRC helpdesk for access to the customer portal.

Here you can download the software installation files under Products > STAR-CCM+ > Downloads. Please select the latest windows or linux mixed precision version of STAR-CCM+ to install. During the installation select power on demand (PoD) when asking for the licensing configuration. The downloads website also contains a installation guide. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Steve Portal and the resources available to you here.

To get a PoD license key to use, please go to the TAMU software center page to request your free license.