HPRC ANSYS & Abaqus Community Meetings

High Performance Research Computing invites researchers to a lunch to share and discuss their usage of ANSYS & ABAQUS software. We aim to build an ANSYS & ABAQUS community to create a supportive and informative space where users can share their knowledge and learn from each other to improve their use of these powerful simulation tools. Researchers are given and opportunity to give a brief (3 minute) presentation in this friendly setting. Presentations showcase how these software packages are used to solve challenging problems.

Upcoming Meeting: TBA

Past Meeting:

Date: Friday December 16, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: Blocker 220, Texas A&M University http://aggiemap.tamu.edu?bldg=1524
Registration link: https://forms.gle/NVXmD4ktETXLQAzm7

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