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This page is currently under construction and review. Please refer any questions about backups to help@hprc.tamu.edu


backup is a shell script that facilitates the backup of files to our Archival Tiered Storage System, which is intended to store files or directories not frequently used.

restore is the corresponding script to automatically restore a backed up file in the user's scratch directory. Note: restore (and backup) are defined in other contexts on most Unix systems... we will work to avoid naming conflicts.


To back up a file:

 backup Sample_File.txt

To back up a directory:

 backup Sample_Dir

After the backup is done, the old files and directories will be safely removed to free up disk space. A symbolic link named TIERED_BACKUP will be created under the home directory, if it does not exist, to point to the back up directory that hold all the back up files of a user. To avoid unexpected operation on the backup files, they will be read-only for a month.

To restore a backed up file (in compressed format):

 restore Sample_Backup.tgz

or simply

 restore ~/TIERED_BACKUP/Sample_Backup.tgz

The restored files or directories will be located under $SCRATCH/TIERED_RESTORE. Users will have full permission to the restored files.