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In the "PARALLEL OPTIONS" tab you can set the following properties for your Matlab run:

  • #workers represents the number of additional workers you want to use. Only set this if your program contains explicit Matlab parallel constructs (such as parfor or spmd)
  • per node represents the number of workers to distribute per node. This is useful if you want every worker to have access to resources on a node (e.g. all the memory or a gpu)
  • #threads sets the number of computational threads available for every worker and client.
  • use gpu select this box if your Matlab script used Matlab gpu operations.


In the "BATCH OPTIONS" tab you can set the following additional batch job properties:

  • Total Memory (MB) Total memory you need to run your Matlab job. If value is 0, memory will be set to max memory per core (e.g. on ada will be 2500MB)
  • Walltime (hh:mm) total wall time for your job.
  • batch options explicit batch options; LSF options for ada OR SLURM options for terra. For example, "-u user@tamu.edu -B -N" on LSF to send email when a job starts or ends.