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Storage Options

Google Drive

Google Drive provides TAMU users with dedicated storage. To transfer files from HPRC to Google Drive see rclone page.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive provides 5TB for TAMU users. To see how to transfer files from Grace/Terra to OneDrive please follow Globus Connect page.

HPRC Long Term Storage

TAMU HPRC can provide dedicated storage in longer term for a cost. The rate for Grace storage is $130/TB for 5 years based on the pure hardware cost. The new storage has 5-year warranty, so the rate is $26/TB per year. HPRC has subsidized all other operation costs. Most research computing centers or cloud companies would charge over $100/TB/year. You can buy in some dedicated storage for you and your group to use if you like. The cost is one time for one year or for 5 years. If you need 50TB for example, you can pay HPRC $6500 and we will provide the dedicated 50TB for 5 years.