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Curie: 49-node POWER7+ cluster (LSF/HPC)

Hardware Summary

Curie is an 800-core IBM Power7+ cluster with nodes based on IBM's 64-bit 16-core Power7+ processors. Included in the 50 nodes are two login nodes with 256 GB of memory per node. Curie's file system and batch scheduler are shared with Ada cluster.

Curie circa April 2015

Compute Nodes

There are 48 compute nodes.

Table 1 Details of Compute Nodes
Total Nodes 48
Processor Type IBM Power7+ , 8-core, 4.2 GHz
Sockets/Node 2
Cores/Node 16
Memory/Node 256 GB, 1066 MHz
234 GB Usable
Interconnect 10 Gbps Ethernet
Local Disk Space 146 GB 10K rpm SAS drives: 2 drives

Login Nodes

The curie.tamu.edu hostname can be used to access the Curie cluster. This translates to login into one of the 2 login nodes, curie[1-2].tamu.edu. To access a specific login node use its corresponding host name (e.g., curie1.tamu.edu). Each login nodes has 256 GB memory and is equipped with 2 10K rpm SAS drives. Both login nodes have 1 GigE external connectivity and direct access to Ada's global parallel (GPFS-based) file systems via 10 Gbps Ethernet.

Mass Storage

Curie shares Ada's GPFS file system. For details, see mass storage section for Ada.


All Curie compute and login nodes are connected via 10 Gbps Ethernet.


Curie is named after Marie Curie who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.