Pre-class Instructions

The following instructions require you have an active HPRC account. To apply or renew go to . If you are off campus, you will need to use VPN to connect to the cluster.

  1. Login to Grace using a terminal (your username is your NetID):

  2. Go to your scratch directory:

    cd $SCRATCH
  3. Clone the notebook repository that we'll need from github:

    git clone


    Copy the notebooks locally from Grace scratch:

    cp -r /scratch/training/python_geos/notebooks .
  4. If you cloned the git repository before Friday, you may want to check if there have been any updates. From your cloned directory, do:

    git pull origin main
  5. When the short course starts, you will need to connect to (requires VPN if off campus).
  6. The conda virtual environment we'll be using for this course is at /scratch/training/python_geos/conda/envs/training
    You will need to enter this path when starting your JupyterLab session.
  7. To launch the Pangeo binder, required towards the end of the class, use the following link: