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FASTER:Batch Job Commands

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Job Monitoring and Control Commands

After a job has been submitted, you may want to check on its progress or cancel it. Below is a list of the most used job monitoring and control commands for jobs on FASTER.

Job Monitoring and Control Commands
Function Command Example
Submit a job sbatch [script_file] sbatch FileName.job
Cancel/Kill a job scancel [job_id] scancel 101204
Check status of a single job squeue --job [job_id] squeue --job 101204
Check status of all
jobs for a user
squeue -u [user_name] squeue -u User1
Check CPU and memory efficiency for a job
(Use only on finished jobs)
seff [job_id] seff 101204

Here is an example of the seff command provides for a finished job:

% seff 12345678
Job ID: 12345678
Cluster: FASTER
User/Group: username/groupname
State: COMPLETED (exit code 0)
Nodes: 16
Cores per node: 28
CPU Utilized: 1-17:05:54
CPU Efficiency: 94.63% of 1-19:25:52 core-walltime
Job Wall-clock time: 00:05:49
Memory Utilized: 310.96 GB (estimated maximum)
Memory Efficiency: 34.70% of 896.00 GB (56.00 GB/node)