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This page for internal use only.

Welcome to the "Wikification" of the TAMU Supercomputing Facility web site. This wiki started as a simple transfer of information from a quick wiki on github.tamu.edu about our new "Ada" (ada.tamu.edu) cluster. But on upon further review, and with a mandate to incorporate it into the rest of the site (with eos.tamu.edu as an example/exemplar(*cough*)), it became more than just Ada documentation.

It is hoped this wiki will help to not only provide up to date information to SC users but to also help us, as providers of documentation, to better organize and present the information available on our web site (there really is a lot... some parts less obvious than others).

For an overview of the TAMU SC Facility web page, see the 'Main' page. It has been (and continues to be) converted from its previous format (Eos documentation still forthcoming).

Style/Coding Guide

  • The only rule so far is not to include a section heading (typically at the top) that includes only one equal sign on each end. That is, instead of writing:

you should always start with at least two '='s. e.g.



To use an image on a page:

  1. Use the Upload file link on the left.
  2. Browse for the file to upload and then give it a name (for the wiki) and a description (if desired). Click Upload file button.
  3. Verify the upload by checking the File list link on the left.
  4. To display the image on a wiki page, use the Image keyword. e.g.

Tamusc header.jpg


The banner at the top of most pages is due to this in LocalSettings.php:

$wgSiteNotice = "[[image:Tamusc_header.jpg]]";

The rest of the page is mainly controlled by the skin, also set in that file.

$wgDefaultSkin = "cologneblue";

You can use the Preferences link on the left to experiment with others. However, all non-SC personnel will use the default above.

We will probably want to work on developing our own "skin" based on the present web site. This involves CSS and a few other things. Jack isn't spending time on that just yet (others in this shop know CSS far better than I).

Update: 23sep2014/j-perdue - now using a modified version of the "vector" skin which lives in "$IP/skins_local" (see LocalSettings.php). Modifications include:

  1. disabling the side bar navigation links for guest users
  2. disabling the top bar navigation links for guest users
  3. removing the page title as the first heading on each page
  4. disabling the "Creative Commons" license blurbs at the bottom

See $IP/skins_local/Vector.php for details.


You can click on this page to test formatting and other things.

Converting pre-existing materials

To convert the Git Hub wiki "markdown" and the sc.tamu.edu web pages, I used pandoc.


For the Adadocs wiki (formerly hosted here), it was mostly a matter of:

#git clone https://github.tamu.edu/j-perdue/adadocs.wiki.git
cd adadocs.wiki
for x in `ls *.md` ; do echo "### Converting $x" ; xx=`echo $x | sed 's/.md/.mw/' | sed 's/-/_/g' | sed 's/^/Ada:/'` ; pandoc -f markdown_github -t mediawiki -o $xx $x ; done

Note that pandoc did a horrible job with tables... most of them had to be fixed manually.


For the sc.tamu.edu stuff, it is just a matter of finding the stuff between:

<!-- begin main content -->
<!-- end main content -->

and then cut/pasting to a file and running:

pandoc -f html -t mediawiki /tmp/foo

and then just cut pasting the output from that to the edit screen of this wiki. Actually, I wrote a script:

curl -L -O $1
pandoc -f html -t mediawiki `basename $1`

Then it is just a matter of giving it a URL (without a trailing slash(/)) and cutting/pasting the stuff between the header stuff at the top:

** [[policies/storage.php:NOSSL|Data Storage]]
** [[policies/software.php:NOSSL|Software Acquisition & Licensing]]
** [[policies/earitar.php:NOSSL|Restricted Software]]

and the privacy notice at the bottom:

[[privacy.php|Privacy Statement]] | [http://cis.tamu.edu/ Computing & Information Services] | [http://www.tamu.edu/ Texas A&M University] | [[email/?u=webmaster&d=sc.tamu.edu|Webmaster]]

Pages NOT to add to wiki

Some pages will/should remain in their current form on the existing web site.

Due to dynamic PHP

Due to NetID login

Due to externally provided documentation

  • manuals for all the misc. software

Due to other reasons

  • Dr. M. Thomadakis's two technical reports on Eos... too much/many formatting and illustrations (not worth the effort)
  • In addition to Dr. T.'s valiant documention, there is no point in reformatting documents linked from TAMUSC:Research_Users

Due to obvious reasons

  • all .pdf, .doc, .ppt, etc. won't be bothered with