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To convert the Git Hub wiki "markdown" and the sc.tamu.edu web pages, I used pandoc.


For the Adadocs wiki, it was mostly a matter of:

#git clone https://github.tamu.edu/j-perdue/adadocs.wiki.git
cd adadocs.wiki
for x in `ls *.md` ; do echo "### Converting $x" ; xx=`echo $x | sed 's/.md/.mw/' | sed 's/-/_/g' | sed 's/^/Ada:/'` ; pandoc -f markdown_github -t mediawiki -o $xx $x ; done

Note that pandoc did a horrible job with tables... most of them had to be fixed manually.


For the sc.tamu.edu stuff, it is just a matter of finding the stuff between:

<!-- begin main content -->
<!-- end main content -->

and then cut/pasting to a file and running:

pandoc -f html -t mediawiki /tmp/foo

and then just cut pasting the output from that to the edit screen of this wiki.


To use an image on a page:

  1. Use the Upload file link on the left.
  2. Browse for the file to upload and then give it a name (for the wiki) and a description (if desired). Click Upload file button.
  3. Verify the upload by checking the File list link on the left.
  4. To display the image on a wiki page, use the Image keyword. e.g.

displays: Tamusc header.jpg