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Two Factor

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Logging in With Two-Factor Authentication

Starting November 4th, 2019, two-factor authentication will be required to login to any cluster. This is most commonly done with Duo, which can be set up by following these instructions.

When enabled, the login prompt will add the following information following successful password entry:

Duo two-factor login for netid

Enter a passcode or select one of the following options:

 1. Duo Push to XXX-XXX-1234
 2. Phone call to XXX-XXX-1234
 3. SMS passcodes to XXX-XXX-1234 (next code starts with: 9)

Passcode or option (1-3):

Any option can be selected. After successfully using Duo two-factor authentication, you will see the following message, be logged into your home directory, and can resume normal use.

Success. Logging you in...

Duo With FTP Clients

Before the implementation of two-factor authentication, FTP clients such as Filezilla or MobaXterm simply needed to send a username and password to successfully login. However, with the integration of Duo into the login process, the clusters must also send a prompt to select which form of two factor authentication to use. This extra step in the process requires some reconfiguring of the FTP client in order to successfully login.

NOTE: If you are facing issues with login, please ensure that your password is not saved in your FTP client, as this will not allow Duo to function properly.


1. From the menu bar at the top of the screen select File > Site Manager

2. Click the 'New Site' button

3. In the General settings tab, set the protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

4. Set the host to the hostname of the cluster you're attempting to connect to (e.g. ada.tamu.edu)

5. Set the port to 22

6. Set the logon type to 'Interactive'

7. In the resulting dialog, select 'Do Not Save Passwords'

8. In the next dialog, enter your NetID (NOT your UIN and NOT your full email)

9. If an 'Unknown host key' dialog appears, just click 'OK'

10. Continuing with login, an 'Enter password' dialog should apear. Enter your NetID password.

11. A second 'Enter password' dialog will appear with the duo two factor authentication prompt. Choose your preferred option by entering the corresponding number into the password field, then click 'OK'

12. On the secondary authentication device (e.g. mobile phone) approve the notification/phone call, and you will be logged into the cluster


Warning: we recommend not to save your session. This is known to cause issue with login.

1. On the top left corner of MobaXterm window, click Session button.

2. You will be prompt with a window which asks for you Session settings.

3. Enter remote host (e.g. ada.tamu.edu, terra.tamu.edu, etc.)

4. Select specify username, then enter your username (your netID).

5. Enter port number: 22 (the default should be 22).

6. Press enter.

7. You will be prompt to authentication with Duo (either using mobile app, text message or call).


1. My account is locked after several login attempts, what can I do?

Your account will be locked after 7 failed login attempts. It will be automatically unlocked after 10 minutes. Please refer to above sections for updated instruction on how to use SSH, SFTP clients with duo authentication enabled.