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Terra Usage Policies

Access to Terra is granted with the condition that you will understand and adhere to all TAMU HPRC and Terra-specific policies.

General policies can be found on the HPRC Policies page.

Terra-specific policies, which are similar to Ada, can be found on the Terra Policies page.

Writing a Job

In order to properly run a program on Terra, you will need to submit a job.

The simple example below request 1 core on 1 node with 5GB of RAM for 1 hour. "ExampleModule" should be replaced or omitted based on your software needs.

#SBATCH --export=NONE
#SBATCH --get-user-env=L
#SBATCH -t 01:00:00
#SBATCH -J ExampleJob
#SBATCH -n 1
#SBATCH --mem=5G
#SBATCH -o ExJobOut.%j
module load ExampleModule

This job file should be written on a Linux/Unix environment. If written on an older Mac or DOS workstation, you will need to use "dos2unix" to remove certain characters that interfere with parsing the script.

dos2unix myExJobFile.slurm

More information on job options can be found in the Building Job Files section of the Terra Batch page.


The hardware on Terra differs than that on Ada. There are fewer nodes and cores overall, but more cores per node.

There are also more GPU nodes are available on Terra than Ada, but each GPU node only has a single GPU.

-Link to hardware page


The software available on Terra is similar to that on Ada.


The Terra environment is much different than Ada. While much of the software is still implemented with modules, the filepaths for HOME, SCRATCH, ... have been changed. User-created scripts may need to be adjusted when transitioning between Ada and Terra.

Batch System

Terra uses Slurm instead of LSF as a batch system facilitator. All job files for Terra will need to be written in Slurm in order to run properly.

The Terra Batch System page contains information on writing, submitting, and monitoring Slurm jobs on Terra.

The HPRC Batch Translation page contains information on converting between LSF, PBS, and Slurm.

Example Jobs

A handful of Slurm job examples have been written as templates for use on Terra. These examples can be found in the | Job File Examples section of the Terra Batch page.

Some LSF-Slurm translation examples have also been made available on the ADA-TERRA JOBS TRANSLATION PAGE. Our staff has also written some example jobs for specific software. These software-specific examples can be seen on the INDIVIDUAL SOFTWARE PAGES where available.

Advanced Techniques