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Terra:Filesystems and Files

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File Systems, Quotas and File Transfers

File Space

Global file space on Terra is available on all compute and login nodes. It is organized in the two file systems showing in the table below. Access to the allocated file space is through the indicated directories that are setup automatically for every user.

File System Directory Environment Variable Storage Hardware File Space Quota File Counts Quota Comments
Home /home/$USER $HOME GSS26 10 GB 10000 Upon login, you will be situated in /home/$USER. The use of this area is for small-to-modest amount of processing. Its space and file count limits are not extensible.
Scratch /scratch/user/$USER $SCRATCH GSS26 1 TB 250000 This is a high performance storage, intended to temporarily hold rather large files, and only for on-going processing that uses them. It is NOT backed up nor is it intended as long-term storage area. Please delete or move out of these area any files that are not frequently used.

Quotas & File Use

A user can run the showquota home-wrapper command to display file usage on Terra. Below is a sample output of command showquota.

[NetID@terra1 ~]$ showquota
Your current disk quotas are:
Disk       Disk Usage      Limit    File Usage      Limit
/home          12.75M        10G           120      10000
/scratch         1.5M         1T            15      250000

Transferring Files

Data transfer utilites scp, sftp, and rsync are available Terra login nodes. All Terra login nodes have 10 Gigbit Ethernet connection to the intra-campus network. These are suitable for small-to-medium sized data transfers, as transfer could be interrupted by 60 minute CPU process time limit on the Terra login nodes. We suggests "rsync" which supports resume transfer. For transferring large amount of data, use terra-ftn.hprc.tamu.edu as host name, or use Globus Connect with "TAMU terra-ftn" as the endpoint.

For transferring files on Terra to/from a Windows machine, please use WinSCP.