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See SW:Singularity:Examples

j-perdue random links for 8/10/2018


https://github.com/singularityware/singularity/issues/1076 https://github.com/singularityware/singularity/issues/1165 http://singularity.lbl.gov/quickstart#build-images-from-scratch https://hub.docker.com/_/fedora/ https://github.com/NIH-HPC/singularity-examples/blob/master/torch/Singularity.torch https://www.sylabs.io/docs/

nearing in on objective

The objective in this case is a Fedora28-HPRCLAB.img file that has space for users to manuever around and install stuff:

  1. that we can provide to users, a Singularity .img file (self-contained), for them to update as needed (as root on their own workstations) that also runs on our clusters.
  2. is already populated with HPRCLAB RPMs
  3. has plenty of disk space for the user to add files (as non-root) while on the cluster
  4. Example below was created on HPRCLAB workstations.

Things not included yet include:

  1. setting mount/bind points for HPRC clusters