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Attending Shortcourses via Zoom

Zoom is a full-featured web collaboration tool, provided by the Office for Academic Innovation. HPRC utilizes Zoom for participants attending short courses remotely.

Join a Zoom meeting

You will need Zoom invitation URL, or Zoom meeting number + meeting password. Please see Zoom help center on "How to Join a Meeting".

Test Audio / Video

Participants are encourage to test audio and video of the device prior to attending the short course. Please visit Zoom Help Center on "Testing Computer or Device Audio".

Please visit Zoom Help Center on "Audio, Video, Sharing" to see addition subjects on solving audio and video issues.

If I need more help

Please contact TAMU Help Desk if you need additional help on using Zoom.


Participant Expectations

As the HPRC Short Courses will only be offered via Zoom for the near future, please review the following participant expectation items:

  • Participants can join the zoom meeting by following the link in the email invite for course
  • All participants will be muted when they join the meeting, to avoid unwanted background noise. Participant video will be turned off as well to conserve bandwidth.
  • For asking questions during the session, use the raise hand feature available in the zoom chat section to draw the presenter’s attention. You will be unmuted by the co-host to facilitate the discussion.
  • Participants can post their questions in the chat section in zoom
  • The presenter will have a chat window open for answering questions simultaneously during the session. Co-hosts will keep a track of the questions posted and follow up with the presenter.
  • Let the presenter know if the audio or video is not working during the zoom session
  • Please enter your full name so we may confirm your attendance