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"A Universal Identification Number (UIN) is assigned by Texas A&M to applicants, employees and affiliates. It is used in place of Social Security numbers to identify permanent records."

Note that your UIN is issued by the TAMU System and not the local campus. It is usually a 10-digit number that looks something like '9012345678'.

Other than yearly applications (perhaps?), we will never ask for your UIN.

99.9% of the time we will want your NetID (see below) in order to help you. NOT YOUR UIN

Although this may be on your student/employee ID, this number is rarely needed for accessing systems on the TAMU campus. Exceptions might be the office of the register, the office of identity or https://sso.tamus.edu/.

As mentioned above, this is a pseudo-SSN. As such, you should treat it with some care. You don't need to make it as private as your social security number (which you should always keep secure) but you don't need to make it as public as your phone number. Please don't include it in any emails to HPRC unless specifically requested to.


"A Texas A&M NetID is an identifier or username for logging in and accessing many university resources, such as Texas A&M Gmail and the TAMULink wireless network."

95% (a guess) of logins on the TAMU campus will want your NetID. This was issued by the local campus Division of Information Technology. In most cases, it will be the part that comes before @tamu.edu in your email address.

Your NetID will be what you will use to access HPRC systems and will be what we want in all help desk requests.

More information

If you have more questions about UINs and NetIDs, please see TAMU IT's Accounts and ID Management page