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rclone is a tool for syncing files from HPRC clusters to a remote storage site like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon's AWS and many more. Note rclone is available on ada, terra and HPRC Lab workstations

rclone module

  • to use, first load the module (not needed on HPRC Lab workstations)
module load rclone/1.42-amd64

configure rclone

  • now configure rclone for your destination
rclone config
  1. choose: n) New remote
  2. pick a name for the drive. e.g. mygdrive
  3. choose the type, in this example we use 11) Google Drive
  4. select the default (blank) option for the following
  5. leave Google Application Client Id blank (default)
  6. leave Google Application Client Secret blank (default)
  7. choose: 1) Full access to all files
  8. leave root_folder_id blank (default)
  9. leave service_account_file blank (default)
  10. when it ask if you want to auto_config, answer 'n' or 'N' for no
  11. at this point, rclone will provide a URL for you to log into in order to get an access code. Open the URL in your local browser and login (in this case to Google). If successful, you will get an access code. Copy/paste the code to the rclone prompt: Enter verification code>
  12. this example is for a non-team drive so answer 'n' to the 'Configure this as a team drive?' prompt
  13. review settings and choose 'y' to save
  14. choose 'q' to exit rclone config

use rclone

  • see the rclone man page and --help screen for other commands
  • here's a simple backup of one's $HOME directory (from terra)
rclone copy /home/j-perdue mygdrive:home-terra
  • in your local browser watch as new files are created on your remote storage

[more to come]