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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.


PostgreSQL is open to all HPRC users.

PostgreSQL Module

TAMU HPRC currently supports the user of PostgreSQL though the PostgreSQL modules. There are several PostgreSQL modules available on Ada and Terra.

You can learn more about the module system on our SW:Modules page.

PostgreSQL on Ada

1) module load PostgreSQL/9.6.1-GCCcore-6.3.0-Python-2.7.12-bare
(2) initdb -D /scratch/user/yangliu/Test/postresql/test.db
(3) pg_ctl -o "-p 9999" -D /scratch/user/yangliu/Test/postresql/test.db -l
       /scratch/user/yangliu/Test/postresql/test.log start
       #comment: the -o provides extra options. In this example, the extra option is
       #the port by -p. the -D option specified where is the database file. The -l
       #option specify the log file for the database instance.
(4) createdb yang -p 9999
(5) psql -d yang -p 9999    #connect to database by user yang on port 9999
(6) execute your sql statments in psql
(7) pg_ctl -D /scratch/user/yangliu/Test/postresql/test.db stop  # stop the database

You may set password for your database if it is needed. These are the commands for the first time set up of PostgresSQL. After this, you only need to start the server, connect to it, and stop it, i.e., step (3), (5), (6) and (7). You only need to initdb (step 1), createdb (step 4) for one time.

Note: the database directory and name, database username, and port should be changed by users.