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Cadence is restricted software.

Usage of this software is restricted to college of engineering subscribers. If you believe you are eligible to use Cadence on our clusters, please email the HPRC Help Desk with the request and justification.

Installed Modules

Cadence Innovus and Genus are currently installed on the Terra cluster. To see available versions:

module avail Innovus
module avail Genus

To access a specific version:

module load Innovus/21.10
module load Genus/20.11


Cadence will automatically check out an appropriate license for your work, if it can. Licenses are maintained by the ENGR license server (coe-vtls2.engr.tamu.edu).

Interactive Job

Cadence does not have a dedicated interactive app at this time. In the HPRC Portal, use the VNC interactive app.

VNC starts in a terminal. You may need to load a Java module to launch graphical windows. For example:

module load Java

Then launch the innovus or genus app on the command line using the command 'innovus' or 'genus' respectively.