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GCATemplates available: ada (blastx)

 module spider BLAST


 module spider BLAST+

The maximum recommended number of cores to use with blast is 8.

BLAST+ v2.7.1 blastp benchmarks for 1 protein sequence vs nr on Terra

 1 core     2GB mem   36.1 minutes
 7 cores   12GB mem   14.6 minutes
 8 cores   14GB mem   14.2 minutes
28 cores   54GB mem   27.5 minutes

BLAST version 4 databases (pre BLAST+ 2.8.1) such as nr and nt can be found here (BLAST+ uses the same databases):

 /scratch/datasets/blast  (Ada)
 /scratch/data/bio/blast  (Terra)

Sample BLAST+ command:

 blastx -query my_protein_sequences.fasta -db /scratch/datasets/blast/nr -outfmt 10 -out my_protein_sequences_nr_blastout.csv

To see the current version of the nr or nt database use the following command:

module load BLAST/2.2.26-x64-linux(ada)
module load BLAST/2.2.26-Linux_x86_64(terra)
fastacmd -d /scratch/datasets/blast/nr -I

BLAST+ version 2.8.1 supports the newest version 5 of the BLAST database which allows limiting a search based on taxonomy at the species level.

module load BLAST+/2.8.1-intel-2017b

The version 5 BLAST nr and nt databases are in the following directories. Let us know if you need others.



If your taxid is not recognized, it is most likely too high of a taxon level. Get subtree species taxid list from this webpage (33208 used as an example): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/taxonomy/?term=txid33208%5Bsubtree%5D