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=== ABySS ===
=== ABySS ===
[[SW:GCATemplates|GCATemplates]] available: [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/ada/run_abyss_1.9.0_pe_ada.sh ada (pe)] [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/ada/run_abyss_1.9.0_pe_mp_ada.sh ada (pe+mp)]
[[SW:GCATemplates|GCATemplates]] available: [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/grace/run_abyss_1.9.0_pe_singlenode_grace.sh grace (single-node pe)] [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/grace/run_abyss_1.9.0_pe_multinode_grace.sh grace (multi-node pe)]
ABySS [http://www.bcgsc.ca/platform/bioinfo/software/abyss homepage]
ABySS [http://www.bcgsc.ca/platform/bioinfo/software/abyss homepage]

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GCATemplates available: grace (single-node pe) grace (multi-node pe)

ABySS homepage

Use the 'module spider' command to see the available versions of ABySS

 module spider abyss

ABySS is a de novo, parallel, paired-end sequence assembler that is designed for short reads.

The single-processor version is useful for assembling genomes up to 100 Mbases in size.

The parallel version is implemented using MPI and is capable of assembling larger genomes.

The other ABySS 1.9.0 modules are configured with a maxk of 128.